Pool Tile Cleaning Basics  

Dirty pools are not so good to look at. If you’re lucky enough to have a pool where you can dip your body during the hot summer days, it’s important that you know how to keep it clean so you can use it every single day. Pools also add great value to your home, not to mention that it’s a great place where you can just relax and rejuvenate all day.  

Pool Tile 

The parts of the pool that gets dirty the most are the tiles. As a matter of fact, tiles have to be cleaned weekly to eliminate calcium build-up, dirt, and grime. If you think that’s too much job for you, then just hire a professional to get it done. After all, they’re the best people to handle a pool tile cleaning job.  

What Should Be Removed  

If you look at your pool tiles and they’re not as shiny as they were before, then they definitely need some cleaning. The tiles have to be free from calcium deposits and algae growth to make sure that they’re not slippery or cloudy. Dirty tiles can affect the overall appearance of your pool. Keeping the tiles clean is also prolonging their lifespan, which means you won’t have to change tiles soon enough.  

There are a lot of benefits to pool tile cleaning and you will enjoy them all if you decide to do it a regular basis. But if you hire the professionals to handle the task, you’ll get far greater benefits in the long run. What you’ll receive are: 

  1. Fast and efficient service

Professional pool cleaners have all the tools and materials needed for the job. When you call them, they’ll immediately come to your home with all the equipment necessary to provide a fast and efficient service. They have vacuum cleaners, high-pressure pool hoses, and specialized brushes to get your pool cleaned in no time.  

  1. Professional inspection 

Calling the experts for pool tile cleaning also allows them to take a good look at your pool so you’ll know what else is needed to keep it well-maintained. A professional assessment by the experts is more reliable than just checking things on your own. That’s how you make your pool function fairly well longer. 

  1. Affordable services

Who says that having the pros clean the pool is an expensive deal? It really isn’t. As a matter of fact, you might just save a lot of money on pool tile cleaning if you the right people are handling the job. Letting them do all the maintenance means the life of your pool is prolonged. Any pool problem will be addressed immediately and won’t get a day worse. And because of that, you never have to worry about expensive repairs at all.  

These are the things that you enjoy if you let the professional provide for all your pool tile cleaning needs. It’s true that you might have to pay them for their services but that’s just a small price to pay in exchange for a pool that’s always inviting and beautiful to look at.  


How to Save a Wet Cell Phone 

No matter how precautionary measures we do to make our phones safe, there are times where accidents cannot be avoided. For example, you brought your phone with you in the bathroom because you have to send an emergency email, or you’re too focused on social media that you cannot even leave it for just few minutes. You dropped your phone in the sink or in a toilet bowl, and now it’s already wet.  

Wet Cell Phone 

Your first impulse is to just replace it, because what can you do about a wet phone? You can have it checked by technicians of cell phone repair in Denver or do something by yourself. Yes, you read that right. You can actually save your wet phone. Here’s how.  

Take the Phone Out of the Water 

If it dropped on the sink, pool or any forms of water, take the phone out as possibly as you can. The water will enter any holes it can find in your device no matter how tight those holes are. So, immediately grab your phone from where it was dropped and turn it off quickly. Leaving it on while it’s wet might cause it to short circuit.  

It’s Not Damaged Yet 

You don’t have to ditch the phone right away, because chances are it’s still not damaged especially if it’s not exposed to the water for a long time. If it dropped on the washing machine, be alarmed. If you’re charging it while it gets contact with water, don’t remove it. Consult a technician right away. If you act quickly when all these things happen, you can still save your phone.  

Get Soft Cloths or Paper Towels 

Get soft cloths or paper towels and lay it on the phone while you remove its battery. Short circuits will be avoided and you can also save the circuits inside if the phone is not attached to its power source, aka the battery. Check the corner near the position of the battery. If it’s red or pink, the phone is experiencing water damage.  

Remove the Sim Card, Ear Buds, and Memory Cards 

Once you remove the battery, next is the sim card. It might survive water damage as well. Dry it out so you can use the sim card again. Remove other peripherals like memory cards, ear buds and covers and protective screen cover. Remove any plugs that might cover the slots so you will expose the phone to air drying.  

Dry the Phone with a Towel 

Remove all traces of water as quickly as possible, because even one drop left inside and damage your device entirely. Wipe off as much water as possible. Do not move the phone excessively so the water can’t move through. Wipe it down using a paper towel or towel. Rub the insides with alcohol so it will displace the existence of water.  

Use a Vacuum Cleaner 

You can suck out the remaining liquid from the insides of your phone by using a vacuum cleaner. Help the vacuum cleaner over the affected area for about 20 minutes. This will dry out the phone completely and will get the phone work again.  


Smart Ways on Cleaning Kitchen Materials

The one place in our house that needs constant attention and regular cleaning is our kitchen. It is a paramount household rule that we should keep our kitchen sanitary because after all, this is where we make the food of our family members. 

When we clean our kitchen, we are not only cleaning the structural space of our kitchen; it also means cleaning our kitchen materials. Kitchen materials would include the appliances and all the utensil that is found in this particular place of our house. You can hire professional cleaners to do this, like house cleaning Burbank to do it. But if you prefer on cleaning on your own, read this article as I will tackle the smart ways on cleaning kitchen materials.  

 Kitchen Materials


  1. Cups and Mugs

One of the kitchen utensils that we use almost every day is our cups and mugs. These utensils can easily acquire stains of decolorization because they hold hot and staining liquids like coffee. To maintain the porcelain look of your cups and mugs, clean them by scrubbing and using a mixture of equal amounts of salt and vinegar. 

  1. On Cleaning your Refrigerator

Another essential thing/appliance in your kitchen is your refrigerator. Our fridge holds our food for storage and preservation, and it is important to clean it regularly so that our stored food would not acquire germs and spoil.  

On cleaning your refrigerator, begin by removing all of the foods and things in it and place it in your already cleaned countertop. When there are no things left, disengage the shelves and then soak it in a cleaning solution of lukewarm water and your dishwashing soap, and then rinse them afterward. Get a piece of clean cloth and dampen it with the same cleaning solution, proceed on wiping to clean the interiors of the refrigerator. If there are stubborn stains, add small amounts of baking soda into your cleaning solution and repeat the process. 

  1. On Cleaning Blender and Coffeemaker

Another two common appliances that we use in the kitchen are the blender and the coffee maker. Through much use, and if not cleaned properly, the glassware of these appliances can turn dull or develop blotchy hazes. Here’s how to clean and maintain them: 

For your blender, get the pitcher and pour a drop of your dishwashing liquid and add some amounts of water. Then place your pitcher into the blending machine and let it run for about 20 minutes.  

For your coffee maker, get the glass pot and put some slices of lemon and then two tablespoons of salt, and then pour half the glass pot with ice.  Run the coffee maker for about three minutes and then finish it off by rinsing properly.  

  1. On Cleaning your Trash Cans

Another material or component of your kitchen that needs constant cleaning is your trash cans. Even if we can’t completely sanitize it, we must at least try to contain the germs and odor that our trash cans carry. 

You can clean your trash cans after you have emptied its contents into the dump outside. Clean it by preparing crushed ice, and equal amounts of vinegar and water. Pour this mixture slowly and let its contents crawl on the sides of the trash can so that it would be cleaned.